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"Bathtub Fun-Part 4" Featuring Tory. This is Tory's first solo video. She starts off wearing a grey business suite & black 5" FM pumps with off black pantyhose. Tory walks out of the bathroom and sits on the edge of the bed to give you some great leg shots. Then she enters the tub room (a large tub made for three) and bends over to start the water running providing some unbelievable upskirt shots. She changes her pantyhose to a more sheer brand while waiting for the tub to fill. She slowly strips down to bra (36c), pantyhose and panties and enters the tub to demonstrate some sensual leg poses in the tub. She submerges her whole body and face several times holding her breath for as long as she can. She also does leg bends and leg lifts while her face is totally submerged--a must see! All scenes done while wearing her pantyhose.