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Candace Can't Wait--This is a great video for the guys that want to get a pretty girl drunk and then Have Perverted fun with her. Candace Is all dressed up waiting for her date While waiting she starts admiring her self in the mirror and gets all hot thinking about having sex with her boyfriend. She begins to feel herself up through her sexy black cocktail dress and black pantyhose.  Still waiting Candace grows impatient and decides to have a drink and then another and another soon she is very tipsy and hot-- Soon she is topless and begins to masturbate. We are treated to Nice, Hott ,Long masturbation session .  She has a great time playing with herself and then passes out. enter the horny intruder. Who wastes no time  feeling her up and then forcing helpless Candace to perform oral sex  . He treats her really rough forcing her to suck his fingers and then uses her mouth and delivers a load of cum all over drunk Candace --HA--HA-HA. After a while he has her suck him off one more time and has Candace play with herself with a small vibrator bringing her to another big climax 

Candace wears a sexy black cocktail dress  with black sheer to waist pantyhose and black classic pumps with 4" heels.