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"Magic camera 3" 

  starring  Cindy and the Horny Photographer          

This is another great video for you guys who have the fantasy of the living doll, of casting a spell over a pretty girl/model Where a girl is under your complete control and reacts sexually but is in a trance. where you can touch , examine, and have fun with a pretty sweet thingl!!Our horny photographer dose this with his magic camera.,  the magic camera is a supernatural device that puts his models into a dream like state where they are compliant, horny and helpless 

 In this video Cindy is that girl, one day while working the horny photographer comes into her office and puts her into a trance using the magic camera. He quickly begins photographing , AND GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS;-)Cindy moans in ecstasy through-out this 3-4 tissue tape. He starts ordering her around, Cindy responds to the orders by saying "yes sir" Soon he starts taking sexual liberties with her, they include lots of FUN-STUFF!! I love it when he has her bent over and TAKES LIBERTIES.. He has her walk around and model for him. Soon He rips her pantyhose open . From time to time Cindy comes out of her trance and is very confused about what's happening to her and then is promptly tranced again --HA HA HA. The tape ends with Cindy coming out of the trance confused and upset wondering why she is so sore

Cindy wears a sexy leopard print mini-skirt blouse with black sheer to waist pantyhose and black classic pumps with