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Cristine's Office Tease (and Jack-off encouragement)" Cristine  a 23 year old blonde beauty is an Executive secretary at her desk. We get some great shots of her PH  feet and legs in black 4 inch heels and a sexy mini skirt with No-Nonsence brown sheer to waist pantyhose (no panties) she doesn't sit very lady like (good for us) while our camera gets some sneaky shots. She finds a dirty magazine in the office and gets hot and bothered we are treated to a strip tease as she get hornier and hornier. Cristine then turns her attention to the camera and teases us and  telling  us to "JERK OFF" . Super hot talk and foot action too!  She strips to show us her 36" DD tits. She changes to a pair of black Pantyhose Cristine  asks us if this is  how we jack off? Soon Cristine is so hot she masturbates to climax, after which we are treated to a pantyhose exercise sequence.  great views, no angles missed.