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 "Secretaries in Full Fashion Stockings" Starring Raquel and Renee together. This is the story of one secretary trying to sabotage the other. As Renee is on her way to work, Raquel is plotting her scheme to overtake Renee. Renee is typing away when Raquel uses chloroform to knock Renee out. She then drags Renee across the room and uses rope to tie her to a chair. After Raquel leaves, Renee brakes loose and the tables are turned when Renee uses chloroform to knock out Raquel. Now she is the one tied to a chair with a ball gag. Then Renee removes Raquel's clothes and puts them on. Later Renee takes a shower wearing her stockings and garters. She then removes both her panties and bra. Raquel wears office clothes with black garters and coffee full fashion nylon stockings with black pumps. Renee wears office clothes with white garters and beige full fashion stockings with white pumps.