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"Lesbian Comfort" Featuring Deirdre and Brianna. Deirdre receives a phone call from Brianna who is upset after being dumped by her boyfriend. Deirdre invites Brianna over for some support. Brianna is not aware of Deirdre's sexual agenda. Initially, Brianna resists Deirdre's advances with, "What are you doing? and "I'm not that kind of girl" and "I'm just not comfortable with you touching me like that." Deirdre apologizes but is persistent. Eventually, Brianna becomes receptive and engages in very erotic foreplay that includes 69 positions. Both ladies start off dressed in professional attire with taupe control top pantyhose and NO panties. Brianna wears black pumps while Deirdre wears white pumps. They end up topless with only pantyhose on (NO panties). This volume includes scenes with their pumps both on and off. There is also foot and leg worship peppered with lots of kissing and breast sucking.