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Courtney and Lexus. Lexus is Courtney's traveling secretary and her duties include filing and attending conferences with her boss. Courtney advises Lexus that her filing has been less then perfect. Lexus is apologetic and willing to please. Courtney notices that Lexus has very nice legs and becomes obsessed with them Lexus allows Courtney to kiss her legs. Suddenly, Courtney feels that she has been manipulated by her petite secretary and throws her over her knee for a spanking. Then, she lifts Lexus over her shoulder for more spanking. The spanking continues until the butt of Lexus is red. There are great upskirts shots and pantyhose covered ass shots during the lift and carry scenes. ALL THIS WHILE WEARING HEELS AND PANTYHOSE!! They compare and admire each other's legs (shooting the beaver to each other) and then remove their tops to do the same with their breasts! (topless scene). Courtney wears a professional skirt/jacket with suntan control top pantyhose and black 5" pumps. Lexus wears a black mini skirt with matching top and sheer black (Victoria's Secret) built in "thong" pantyhose with black 5" pumps.