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Pantyhose Plaything" starring Candace and the unexpected gentleman caller This is a great video if you ever had the fantasy of drugging a pretty girl ,examining her and using her for your sexual gratification. Pretty young Candace receives a mystery gift of perfume. After trying it out she is overcome and put into a dream state. Enter the unexpected visitor, who she is completely submissive to. He quickly begins photographing , touching and fondling her. He has her put on Black thigh-high stockings over her Tan No-nonsence Sheer to waist PH. Later she is changed into No Nonsense sheer midnight black control top PH with a lace trim on it (very sexy) Soon he starts taking sexual liberties with her, they include lots of fondling and touching, including finger-banging her through her pantyhose!! I love it when he has her bent over and just fondles her beautiful ass! Also rubbing his cock all over her even attempting to penetrate her through her PH . He has her perform oral sex and then delivers a great facial after tit fucking her. after which he services her with a vibrator bringing her to climax. and then rubs his cock on her thighs until he cums all over her PH.