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This is a great Video for you if you've ever had the fantasy of a beautiful BUSTY HOTT model getting aroused and letting you touch and fondling her and use her for your sexual gratification.

Beautiful Bridgett's pantyhose are baggy and so she answers a private ad about some PH for sale. She models the baggy PH for the seller and also allows him to feel just how baggy they are. This gets her hot and she removes her blouse and lets him feel her bra and squeeze her big tits. She then puts on a pair of black 4" pumps and traipses around soon she is getting tickled and masturbating through her PH . 

The seller starts to feel her up and eventually tears her PH and finger-bangs her. She reciprocates by using her feet on the aroused seller also performing oral sex on him. She also gives him a hand-job with baby oil. she gives foot-jobs and performs oral sex as well as masturbation with and without her PH. There is also some use of a vibrator.  The PH seller even attempts to penatrate her through her PH . (NOTE: the male is never fully seen, this video is shot from his point of view.)

Also this is Bridgetts first video for NSV. In Private PH sale, Bridgett wears black and white  4" pumps and 3 different pairs of pantyhose; Leggs Day Sheer Energy --Jet black  Sophistication ultra sheer --off-black, no cotton panel, No Nonsence Sheer to waist