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"Strip Poker" Featuring Summer, Tory, Raquel and introducing Hunter. In this video Summer has some friends over for a card game of strip poker. She has appointed Hunter to be her private cocktail waitress. Before the cards are dealt, Hunter brings drinks and cigarettes (slim 100's) and cigars to Tory, Raquel and Summer. The the three beautiful women were able to convince Hunter to join in for only one round. You'll have to see this video to discover which model wins leaving the other two standing topless in pantyhose and heels. There are plenty of upskirt shots, under the table shots, smoking shots (slim 100's & cigars), foot & heel close-ups and great pantyhose scenes. Summer wears a black suit with a white blouse, off-black control top pantyhose and black pumps. Hunter wears a grey sweater, a white pleated mini skirt, suntan sheer pantyhose with black pumps. Tory wears a white low cut blouse, a light gold pleated skirt, beige control top pantyhose with white pumps. Raquel wears a white silk low cut blouse, a plaid tight mini skirt, walnut control top pantyhose with white pumps.