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"Borderline in Pantyhose" Featuring Deirdre and introducing Paris. In this sophisticated video, Paris plays the role of a high functioning "borderline personality " that seduces her boss for a promotion. Paris knows that her boss is vulnerable and Deirdre is drawn into the web of her manipulative behavior. In the end, there is a mean spirited twist that should warn everyone not to mess with a borderline! Both Paris and Deirdre wear professional type skirts and blouses. Paris debuts the new Victoria's Secret sheer pantyhose (black) with a built-in thong (this style of pantyhose is not offered anywhere else in the world), with no panties and wears 5" black pumps. Deirdre wears sheer black pantyhose with 5" pumps. This video features leg tease, kissing, foot worship, nudity, leg worship (includes leg rubbing), and oral action (face to crotch). [Considered a NSV Classic]