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"Opposites Attract." Featuring Nadia and Lexus. Lexus is Nadia's maid and her duties include cleaning both the upstairs and downstairs of Nadia's beautiful home in Coronado California. Nadia arrives home from work and is very disappointed in Lexus for missing some spots downstairs. She admonishes Lexus and their verbal exchange includes "You are in America now, and you have to clean the way I tell you" and "Your small Asian body is no match for this big American girl." Nadia grabs Lexus, lifts her in a bear hug and then wrestles her to the ground. The the lift and carry action begins. There are 8 lifts in this video all performed by Nadia. Three bear hugs, two cradle lifts, two over the shoulder carries and one piggy back. Lexus wears a black French maid outfit, with black sheer seamed pantyhose and 5" black pumps, while Nadia wear a business suit, short skirt, shinny beige pantyhose with control top, and 5" black pumps. In the end, Nadia calls for her little "fortune cookie" to perform a leg show .