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Pantyhose Shopping Network" starring Austin, Hunter and Whitney. This video is a sexy spoof of the QVC shopping network in which the only items for sale are pantyhose! Each models wears 3 different brands and colors of pantyhose in hopes of persuading the viewer to call in and order a pair. Great poses and a great way to release sexual tension that the real QVC show gives you. Just sit back, relax and masturbate as these pretty ladies fulfill your shopping network fantasy!. Austin poses in taupe, off black sheer and taupe sheer panty. Hunter poses in midnight black control top, navy sheer to the waist, and dark brown control top. Whitney poses in beige mist, black sheer V panel, and black sheer panty. This was Austin's first and last video so enjoy her! Whitney was right out of high school when she made this video and since then she has left town for college. All the models wear the standard Nancy Silk 5" FM pumps.