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"Pantyhose Switch" starring Kaitlyn and Jill. This volume is both erotic and classy. The plot is simple. Kaitlyn sees Jill at a hotel lobby and approaches her to compliment her pantyhose. While in the elevator together, Kaitlyn asks Jill if she try on her pantyhose. Jill is receptive and she invites Kaitlyn to her room. The chemistry is incredible between these two large breasted women. Their legs are to die for too!! Kaitlyn wears Sheer Energy suntan pantyhose with black 5" pumps with NO panties while Jill wears No-nonsense sheer control top suntan pantyhose with white 5" pumps with NO panties. After their switch they remove their bras take turns performing erotic poses on the bed. There is constant sexy chitchat between the two of them. If you like sexy southern accents, you'll like Jill and Kaitlyn in this Nancy Silk Classic Volume! (soundtrack played very low, while Lindsay wears suntan sheer pantyhose with black 5" pumps. (nudity, explicit sexual scenes, strap-on, penetration,