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This is a great video if you ever had the fantasy of casting a spell over a pretty girl/model ,examining her and using her for your sexual gratification. Our horny photographer dose this with his magic camera. the magic camera is a supernatural device that puts his models into a dream like state where they are compliant, horny and helpless Young Pretty model Faith arrives at an photo studio for a modeling assignment . She models in a nice business outfit and gives a great show dangling her shoe and showing off her legs and feet while slowly stripping down to PH and a black bra. Suddenly she is mysteriously overcome by the magic camera and put into a dream state. The Horny Photographer quickly begins touching and fondling her in her most intimate areas; finger-banging her through her pantyhose!! He also plays with her feet . He has her bent over and just fondles and spanks her beautiful ass! Soon he starts taking sexual liberties with her, rubbing his cock all over her even attempting to penetrate her through her PH . He has her handle his cock and perform oral sex until he cums all over chest and lips.