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Sierra's sensual coffee break--
Featuring Sierra in her first video. Sierra finds a secluded employee lounge to take her little morning break from office work. She wears a classy blouse with a maroon skirt, black 5" pumps, white panties and suntan control top pantyhose with reinforced toe. She sits down on a couch and crosses her legs and shows them off. She then stands up to do some filing. She returns to the couch to remove one pump to rub her aching foot. There are lots of foot and leg close ups as well as upskirt shots. She later reclines on the couch and rests her tired foot on a pillow. She removes the other pump and begins to rub her thighs and crotch area. Her breathing becomes intense as she becomes sexually aroused and unbuttons her blouse to reveal her beautiful breasts and caresses them. She caresses both her breasts and crotch at the same time until she has an orgasm. She then buttons up her blouse and returns to work,