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Slips, Zippers, Panties Pantyhose Featuring Deirdre and Paris. In this video the two girls talk about how expensive office clothes are and what a hassle it is to dress up everyday. Then Deirdre asks Paris exactly how she puts on her bra everyday. Then she becomes aggressive and pulls on her bra straps to snap them back on Paris. They both begin to feel each other's filled bras and soon the kissing and caressing begins. There is no soundtrack in this video so you can hear the zippers, the sound of silky slips and the sound of pantyhose friction as they get into a lustful frenzy. Even though there is no nudity, the action was too hot for the "R" rated list. They both climax with very loud groans and it ends with more kissing. Their pantyhose and panties NEVER come off in this erotic video.