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"The Substitute Teacher" Featuring Tara & Summer. This was Tara's second and last video. Tara works as a teacher, so she was comfortable in this role. In this video, Tara is approached by Summer (a new substitute teacher) in hopes of learning some pointers on dealing with her students. Summer is having difficulty keeping the attention span of her male students and Tara is eager to show her the tricks of the trade in keeping the classroom attentive to the lesson plan. They both wear very sheer beige pantyhose. They both remove their panties. Tara wears black 5" FM pumps while Summer wears white pumps. There are plenty of Sharon Stone leg crossing shots as well as upskirt shots in this video. For all of you guys that remember your first "hard-on" resulting from a female teacher giving you a peek of some cheesecake, this video is for you!!